Helmores guide to renting a property

Our Guide to renting

Here you will find all you need to know about renting a property.  If you need any help get in touch on 01363 777999 or property@helmores.com


Where to start?

Renting a property is a big commitment. There are a few things that we would advise you to do before you start your search.

Most importantly, work out how much you can afford. Remember, it isn’t just the rent you need to commit to; you will also be responsible for council tax, utility bills and contents insurance. We can help you work out your affordability while finding a property you will be happy in.


List your requirements

Take time to decide what you are looking for in a property. Do you need parking and a garden? How many bedrooms do you need? Also consider what you want out of the location; are local schools, transport links and shops important to you?


Arrange to view

Rental properties are often snapped up very quickly so you will need to be ready to view as soon as they are available. Pop into our offices in Crediton or call us to make sure we have your details on file and can notify you early to save disappointment.


Agreeing a Rental

Let us know as soon as you have decided a property is for you. All we need you to do at this stage is to fill out a rental application which we will provide you with and return it to us together with the application fee and copies of your ID. We will send off the forms to be credit and reference checked which involves a third party agency contacting your previous landlords, bank, employers, character references and running a credit check. If you have any credit issues such as missed payments or CCJ’s, this doesn’t mean you can’t rent somewhere but we need to know so we can help. Once this has come back, we can negotiate your terms with the landlord and come to an agreement. Do remember that you are able to make an offer on a rental property but it will depend on the landlord as to whether they will entertain it or not.


Before Moving In

Before you move in, we will complete a photographic inventory so there is no argument over the condition and what was included in the rental. We will also read the meters, arrange for the keys to be ready and complete any safety checks on the property.

We will complete the tenancy agreement and collect the first months’ rent as well as setting up a standing order for future rent payments. You will then be given a moving in date.



You will need to pay a deposit which is usually a similar amount to a months' rent. Current legislation means that any deposit taken for a rental property must be held in a government approved scheme. We will pay your deposit into the scheme and supply you with the details. This safe guards you and protects your deposit. At the end of the tenancy, assuming everything is okay and once the check-out process is complete, the deposit is released back to you.



The landlord is responsible for insuring the building but you should arrange contents insurance to cover your own belongings should anything happen.


After Moving In

Depending on how the property is let, either we or the landlord will arrange to pop in and check the property every quarter to ensure things are ok, and to check if anything needs fixing. If there are any issues, you can access our online rental management service, Helmores 24/7, whenever you need to. Alternatively, you can either call us or the landlord direct and we can get problems sorted for you.


Notice to Leave

Most tenancy agreements run for a minimum of 6 months so be aware that you are committed to stay and pay the rent for at least this period. If you decide to move out or the landlord wants possession again, this will need to be done in writing and can only be done after a set period outlined in the tenancy agreement. You will also be required to give notice of leaving.


Moving Out

Once a date has been agreed to move out, we will check meter readings and the condition of the property against the inventory. This will need to be signed off by the landlord before we can apply to have your deposit returned back to you. To ensure you get the full amount returned, make sure you look after the property as if it were your own.

We will provide you with a Tenant Pack when you sign the contract so you will have all of the information at hand throughout your tenancy.