Online Agent Performance Study

This is the most in-depth report to date about on-line agents to date.

Their strategy of ‘buying’ market share through expensive TV campaigns is appealing to those who wish to save a few hundred pounds, but shockingly around half of online agent listings have gone unsold. Leaving homeowners with a large bill and no sale.

Remember two key factors when deciding between an online agent and a local independent High Street agent:

  1. Online Agents get their money by listing as many properties as they can:  They increase their profit by lowering business costs and are therefore financially motivated to spend as little advertising your property as possible.
  2. High Street Agents typically get paid only if they achieve a sale for you: The more effort they put in, the better they market your property and the better chance you get a sale quicker and for more.

Which do you think will be a more effective agent?  The one whose goal is to LIST as many properties as possible? or the one whose goal is to SELL as many properties as possible?  Hmmm!

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