Nest Egg…

What is your nest egg worth?

What’s Your Nest Egg Worth This Easter?

The commonly used phrase “nest egg” originated in the 14th century but in the 17th century it became attached to the practice of poultry farmers putting fake eggs in to the nests of chickens to encourage them to lay. More eggs meant more money for the farmer, hence the phrase “nest egg”. Nowadays the term is a common one in estate agency to describe the process of putting aside money for your child’s future, most commonly as investment in property, or saving for a rainy day, or to provide retirement income.

This springtime our team are encouraging you to take stock of your nest egg by providing a free valuation service. We can come and see your property and give you a current value. There’s no catch – no need for embarrassment or to feel awkward about not having the intention of selling it yet – we literally just want to help!

You may even decide that you would like to invest in a further property nest egg rather than a conventional pension – we would call this a “property pensions” – this is a practice that is surging in popularity.

We have more experience of the local market around Crediton and mid Devon than any other estate agent, so we are confident that we can give you a very realistic valuation for your home. All you have to do is to call us on 01363 777 999 or email us at

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