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We’ve got a new toy!

So if you’re considering a move you really NEED to check this out!


Drones aside, in my 27 years as a property agent it’s not often that technology comes along that REALLY excites me.  That is until our new 3D Camera arrived in the office last week!  Having seen what this box of tricks can do I’ve literally been like a kid on Christmas eve all week!

To look at, its little more than a lump of black plastic with a few buttons here and there but it’s the technology inside that makes it a seriously fantastic tool for us.  Rather than sounding like James May and boring you senseless with the tech I’ll jump straight to what it actually does and how it can help YOU. 

matterpot-cameraIn a nutshell, it creates immersive virtual 3d tours like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  In fact they are SO real, it’s like actually being there.

Just think about that for a moment.  As a buyer, the countless days of wasted viewings can be eliminated from the comfort of you smart phone.  As a seller, your property will receive a HUGE amount of exposurefeatured-matteport-blog-image to the market, at least 300% more activity, and you too won’t have endless people trudging around your property who don’t really like it but are too polite to say.  Effectively can we make your property the ULTIMATE ALWAYS-ON OPEN HOUSE.  How cool is that?

Perhaps now you can see why I’m so excited?

Check out this LIVE example:

Here’s a quick overview of this amazing tech and what we can now do for YOU

Dolls House View – to see a whole property at once:
Inside View – walk around like you’re actually there:
Floorplan View for a traditional top-down perspective:
As you’ll see from these examples, all the properties are all SUPERBLY presented – so if you’re a seller and would like us to produce a tour for you, properly presenting your home is going to absolutely paramount for the tour to be effective.  So you may have some work to do!

03-09-2017_15-29-04 Every room in your home needs to be scanned with the 3d camera, with the only exception being are storage areas eg walk-in wardrobes, airing cupboards, and under stairs cupboards, etc. A spotless well-presented home with zero clutter will greatly enhance your property but if a poorly presented home can deter buyers and have the opposite effect that we’re trying to achieve –so there will be some work for you to do before we can commence shooting the tour.

We’re rolling these out over the coming months, so expect to see more and more 3D tours out there.  03-09-2017_15-37-16

So, if you’re serious about achieving the ULTIMATE price for your property, and presenting it to the MAXIMUM number of potential buyers get in touch!  I’d love to hear from you.

Myself, or my fabulous team at Helmores are available 7 days a week to help you with any queries you may have on any property related matter.

Got a question? Don’t hesitate to contact me via the email or phone below.



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