Fight Night success for Eve


We are pleased to report Eve survived her Fight Night last weekend, and came out with a well-deserved draw!

Sales Administrator Eve Colton took part in an Ultra White Collar Boxing Fight Night to raise funds for Cancer Research at the Riverside Leisure Centre in Exeter.  For 8 weeks in the lead up to the fight she trained hard with the other competitors, and then had to fight one of them.

Eve said: “The toughest part of the whole event was fighting someone I had gotten on with since day one and often trained with”.

Ultra White Collar Boxing is a unique opportunity for people with no boxing background to experience the wonderful world of boxing, in a safe and enjoyable environment, raise money for Cancer Research UK and get in shape; since its inception as part of Ultra Events, UWCB have raised over £14 Million for Cancer Research UK.

Despite the excellent fitness training the fight took its toll:  “The last minute of the final round was very tough, my legs were burning but both Lauren and myself gave it everything we had.   The fight ended up as a draw and was deemed the best fight of the night which I am very proud of.  Lauren was a great partner for me to fight, we were very well matched.”

“I was terrified before the fight but it was a great help having everyone from work and my friends at ringside cheering me on. I definitely think I would do it again, I really enjoyed the whole experience and meeting some great new people; Lauren and I had a drink together after the fight and we have stayed in touch since.”

I am sure you will join us in congratulating Eve on her successful boxing debut and if you’d like to donate to here fundraising efforts you can do so via her Just Giving page here

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