City Dwellers Get a slice of Country Living in Britain’s Best Place to Live

We will be, once again, taking over The National Property Centre in Park Lane, London, to showcase Devon homes, estates and farmsteads to city dwellers looking to escape the rat race.

The special property exhibition will give high exposure to some of the counties best homes for sale in the heart of London providing the perfect opportunity for local sellers to get their house in front of the lucrative city market.

In 2015 Devon has been voted the ‘Best Place to Live’ in numerous national surveys including The Sunday Times Best Places to Live and Country Life Magazine who said that those living in the county enjoy a better quality of life than anywhere else in the country. Devon also came top in categories as the best for green credentials, local food, pubs, heritage and landscape as well as health, schools, environment, and heritage. Then this month Devon was listed as the best place in the country to retire to for a long, happy and healthy life.

Country Life Magazine’s editor, Mark Hedges, said: “Few counties can match the variety that Devon manages to pack inside its borders.”

Knowing this already, we already exhibit property in a London Showroom situated in the high-end business district of Mayfair, close to Marble Arch and Oxford Street. But for one day will completely take over the site, with Rob and Phil on hand to discuss all property enquiries.

Using state of the art touchscreen technology, our extensive property portfolio is at the fingertips of thousands of potential buyers 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. But a growing number of people are relocating to Devon for a better quality of life, and we have seen a marked increase in buyers from the South East registering and purchasing property through us. That’s why we feel that a special day where we are on hand to talk to potential buyers is an important step to take.

Our Spring London Event was extremely successful and gave us a fantastic opportunity to directly showcase all of our Devon instructions to London buyers and led to some very happy sales and some interested buyers that have kept coming back to us to find the right property for them. It really underlined the importance of having a strong presence in London.

The next stage is lining up the right properties, land and opportunities to present at the special showcase. Anyone interested in listing their property is asked to get in touch before the end of September and the property will be showcased at no extra cost.