Is my property suitable for aerial photography or film?

The ideal properties are those with their own land (or adjoining open countryside), and without really close neighbours.  We aren’t able to fly in built-up areas due to safety issues (CAA rules), and we have to be at least 50m away from people or property that we don’t have permission to fly near. If in any doubt, give us a call and we’ll chat it through.  We can usually find a solution!

How can I prepare my property for an aerial shoot?

Our 4k cameras will capture every small detail, so we advise that you spend time clearing up anything unsightly that might be picked up on camera.  Lawns neatly cut (a freshly cut stripy lawn looks fabulous from above!) and cars away in garages if possible.

Where should I be on the day?

You are most welcome to stand with our pilots and watch the whole process! You will be able to watch the footage being captured on the ground station monitors.


The props of our drones can spin anywhere from 5,000-15,000 rpm and the edges of these props are fairly sharp.   If we are filming at your property please make sure that children or animals are not present.

What happens after the flight?

We’ll put together a video edit (with a royalty paid for music track), and then upload the film to YouTube, Vimeo, and our own website ready for potential buyers to view!  If we’ve taken still photographs they can be used immediately in all our marketing.

How far will our drones fly?

Here in the UK we can only fly within line of sight to a max of 500 metres, and below 400 feet (120 metres) above ground level.

Do we need a permit and/or a license to fly?

Yes!  For any commercial aerial work you need permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. We are also fully qualified with Euro USC and hold the BNUS-S qualification.

How long is the flight time?

Our drones will fly for about 10 minutes on one battery charge.

What power source do our drones use?

All our drones use Lithium Polymer battery packs and brushless electric motors meaning they are relatively quiet when in flight.

Can you see the video on the ground?

Yes – a video feed is send to a monitor on the ground so that the shot can be framed up perfectly.  Telemetry is sent to another monitor which includes flight data (altitude, distance, heading, battery voltage etc).

 What happens if control with the radio is lost?

All our drones have a Return to Home function. In the extremely unlikely event that radio contact is lost, the drone will fly to a height of 20m (to clear any trees) and return to its take-off point, gently landing at the pilot’s feet.

I’m interested!  What do I do next?

Give us a call!

01363 777 999 – ask to speak with Rob Stoyle.